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DesignGeo's NFT Holders Club: Discover Exclusive Benefits and Unique Artworks for Collectors

Benefits program for the owners of my NFTs.

Today I'm excited to announce a new program directed exclusively to my NFT collectors.

To be part of the program you only need to be the holder of one of my NFTs, any of them. Owning one will give you exclusive access to:

  • Unique Limited Editions: As the owner of one of my NFTs (any of them), you will now have the unique opportunity to acquire exclusive artworks that will be available only to those who hold any of our digital pieces.
  • Zero cost: We recognize the value you bring to our community and want to give back. That's why the exclusive artworks for those who support our work will be available for free. Furthermore, to ensure that everyone can enjoy their canvas print, shipping will be free anywhere in the world. We want to eliminate geographical barriers and ensure that all owners of our NFTs have easy and convenient access to their exclusive artworks. Each NFT will grant you access to 1 artwork, and so on.
  • Access to unique NFT AirDrops.
  • Free worldwide shipping for any product you wish to purchase from our online store.
  • If you have more than 3 of my NFTs, you automatically qualify to have your own custom design on demand + its canvas with shipping included worldwide. (Final size to be determined based on convenience from the idea/design)

You can claim your print the moment after you have acquired one of my NFTs, or you can wait for new models to be uploaded in the near future, since as time goes by new pieces will become part of this exclusive collection called "NFTs Holders Club”. The only way to acquire any of the pieces that are part of this collection is by having previously acquired any of my NFTs available at Foundation or OpenSea.

Important: This series of benefits is for direct purchases of my NFTs, secondary market buyers do not qualify.

The purpose of this benefits program is to provide added value to those who support my work and ensure that their experience is unique and rewarding. It's just one of the ways we strive to show our appreciation to those who have chosen to be a part of our family and collect one or more of our digital artworks.

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