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How to Get Featured on Behance: 7 Tips for Creative Success

Probably if you are here reading this article you are passionate about design, photography, illustration, or other creative disciplines, you have probably heard of Behance, the leading platform for showcasing your work to the world. Standing out on Behance not only brings recognition and exposure but also opens doors to new opportunities and collaborations with industry professionals.

If you're new around here, let's begin by explaining what Behance is, and let me share with you my experience of more than 10 years using the platform!

What is Behance and how to use it?

Behance Portfolio, launched in 2006, is a thriving virtual platform that unites creative professionals across diverse fields worldwide. As a portfolio-based social network, it enables artists, designers, and innovators to showcase their work, connect with peers, and explore a plethora of creative projects. Behance serves as a vital tool for creatives to display their skills through personalized portfolios, making it an ideal platform for freelancers and artists aiming to attract clients and collaborators.

Beyond self-promotion, Behance offers a rich source of inspiration by providing access to a wide array of projects from various categories, allowing users to stay updated on design trends and techniques. The platform fosters an interactive community where users can connect, appreciate, and even collaborate with their favorite artists. Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud enhances functionality and streamlines the process of showcasing design projects.

Behance's intuitive design and emphasis on visuals make it an effective platform for gaining visibility and recognition. Through engagement metrics like likes and comments, artists increase their chances of catching the eye of potential clients, collaborators, or employers. Overall, Behance is a digital haven where creativity thrives, connections are formed, and artistic visions find a global audience. Whether seeking inspiration or aiming to display your artistic prowess, Behance offers an inviting universe to explore the limitless possibilities of creativity.

How to make a Behance Portfolio?

To create a Behance portfolio and register, start by visiting the Behance website at If you don't already have an account, click the "Sign Up" or "Join Behance" button on the top right corner of the homepage. Choose your preferred sign-up method, which can be an Adobe ID, Google account, or email and password. Fill in the necessary information, such as your name and email, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration. Depending on the method you chose, you may need to verify your email by clicking a link sent to your inbox. Once your registration is complete, log in to your Behance account.

To create your portfolio, click on your profile picture or username in the top right corner, then select "Create a Project" from the drop-down menu. Fill in project details, including a title, description, and tags. Upload your work, such as images or videos, and customize the appearance with cover images, layouts, and colors. Click "Publish" to make your project public. You can add more projects by repeating the process. Customize your profile by adding a picture, bio, and other information in your profile settings. Finally, share your work, connect with other creatives, and appreciate their work by clicking the "Appreciate" button on their projects. Your Behance portfolio is now ready to showcase your creative talents to a global audience.

Illustrator Featured Projects on Behance

Now that you have a more general idea, let's go to the next step:

Your portfolio on Behance is your letter of introduction to the world

In this article, I will present the seven most important points to achieve a featured spot on Behance and increase your chances of creative success.

It's important to keep in mind that all ongoing work and projects you share on the world's largest creative platform are your introduction letter and will speak for you once they're shared. For this reason, it's always important to take the necessary time to prepare all the content before sharing it. This way, the impact it generates will be even greater, thereby increasing your chances of gaining popularity as well as achieving job opportunities within the creative world.

Each of the points I'm going to outline below are aspects that I myself experienced and applied over more than ten years using the platform. Each of them, regardless of their order, was very important and allowed me to collaborate with brands, magazines, and even work on amazing projects I never imagined.

1. Showcase an Attractive and Professional Portfolio on Behance

Your Behance portfolio is your first impression, so it must be attractive and professional. Use high-quality images to showcase your projects in their best light and ensure they are well-organized. Group your work into thematic projects or categories to facilitate visitor navigation. Remember, the first impression counts, so make sure your homepage is impactful and reflects your creative style and personality.

It's also important to highlight that quality always beats quantity. It's of no use to upload many projects without the necessary depth and dedication, as their impact will be inferior compared to taking the time to prepare images, draft explanatory text for the work, and show not only the final result but also the different parts of your creative process to the entire community.

A piece of advice: The cover you use to promote your project is equally as important as the content within it. Remember that the cover is the first thing that is seen, and it's crucial for it to make an impact on the viewer, causing them to stop scrolling and decide to open your project to discover more!

Behance Portfolio DesignGeo

2. Fresh and Updated Content

The key to standing out on Behance is to keep your profile updated with fresh content. Regularly publish new projects and keep your audience engaged with your work. This not only demonstrates your dedication and consistency but also increases the chances of your profile being discovered by more people and potentially by the Behance curatorial team.

A good practice is to share your "Work in Progress." This feature allows you to share images in a similar rectangular format to what is used in Instagram Stories, where you can gradually showcase your progress before uploading the final project. This way, you keep your followers up to date and engaged with the creative process before sharing the final project.

A piece of advice Over the years that I've been using the platform, I received several messages asking me when is the best time to post on Behance. The reality is that there is no formula or specific time that guarantees your project will have a better chance of being seen by the Behance curators team. So, I recommend that instead of worrying about the timing, you focus on sharing high-quality content that is tailored for the audience.

Work in Progress Behance

3. Tell the Story Behind Your Projects

Sharing the creative process and the story behind each project is essential for connecting with your audience. Through well-written descriptions and photographs documenting your work, you can provide an enriching experience for viewers. This not only creates an emotional bond with your audience but also showcases your passion and skills as a creative professional. In my case, I often reveal behind-the-scenes glimpses in many of my projects, allowing visitors to see the process and groundwork leading to the final graphic piece.

Project Story Behance Example

4. Use Relevant Keywords and Categories

To increase the visibility of your profile in Behance and Google searches, it is essential to use relevant keywords in your project descriptions. Research the most searched terms in your niche and strategically include them in your content. This will improve your positioning and attract a more specific and engaged audience. Also, when choosing hashtags for your projects, consider using the ones suggested by Behance to enhance the chances of more people discovering your work.

You can add tags related to the theme of your project, as well as tags that are relevant to the software you used to create your designs. For example: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, Blender, Cinema 4D, etc.

Behance Keywords

It's important to remember that today you can use up to 10 keywords per project, so I recommend that you use all 10 in case you have them and if you don't get there, don't add others just to add.

A piece of advice: Don't forget to add alternative text to each of the images you share in your project. This helps search engines understand even more about the subject of the work you're sharing. This way, you will achieve better rankings in searches for your projects, resulting in more views and interactions.

Tools And Creative Sectors Behance

5. Engage with the Behance Community

Behance is an active and collaborative community. Participate in groups related to your creative interests and comment on projects that inspire you. By interacting with other members of the platform, you will increase your visibility and have the opportunity to connect with professionals in the same field. Furthermore, receiving feedback and opinions on your work will help you improve and refine your skills.

It's crucial to be realistic and provide genuine feedback to the projects we like. There's no point in coming across as robots, leaving the same comments on every project that comes our way. Take your time and discover amazing works to give feedback to, while also finding inspiration for your upcoming creations at the same time!

Behance Engagement Example

6. Promote Your Profile on Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media in promoting your Behance profile. Share your featured projects on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Utilize the reach of your followers to generate more visits to your profile and increase your chances of being featured by Behance. Personally, I've found that my Instagram profile has been the most effective tool for driving traffic, where I often share stories with links to projects so my followers can see the process behind each of my creations.

Behance Featured on Social Media - Storie Example

7. Be Original and authentic to increase your chances of getting a Behance featured badge

In a content-saturated world, originality is key to standing out. Find your own creative voice and be authentic in each project you present on Behance. Show your passion and unique creativity, as these qualities will set you apart from the crowd. Don't forget that the more you showcase your creative process, the better. Aim for your projects to have a minimum of 3 high-resolution images and a brief description to increase your chances of being featured in one of Behance's curated sections.

Standing out on Behance is not an easy task, but with dedication, creativity, and a solid strategy, you can achieve it. Present your work professionally, share your creative process, engage with the community, and use relevant keywords to improve your visibility.

Feature Badges Behance


8. Extra: Get more followers, likes and views on Behance

Each of the points that were listed above is what you need to keep in mind when thinking about getting more likes, views, and followers. Creating good content, sharing it professionally, interacting with the community, and sharing it with as many people as you can is the formula that will allow you to start generating movement and interactions of all kinds in your portfolio. Remember that nothing happens immediately, and hard work and patience should be your pillars when it comes to achieving your goals on this social network. That’s the key to grow and get noticed on Behance!

Remember, originality and authenticity are your greatest allies for shining on such an influential platform like Behance. Now is your moment to shine and have your creations recognized by the world!

I hope that all the information based on my experience helps you grow and achieve your dreams. I invite you to visit my personal portfolio on Behance, discover my projects and get inspired.

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