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Shipping & Returns


Unfortunately, there are times when shipments are lost or damaged during the shipping process from one country to another. But don't worry! We will take care if something like this happens, and your shipment will be forwarded at no extra cost.


We ship worldwide. Our shipping times vary depending on the destination country, generally, the estimated time is ten (10) to fifteen (15) business days after dispatch.
Please note that the customs taxes of each country are not included in this amount, and that they will be borne by the customer once the product reaches its destination.


DesignGeo is pleased to partner with a third party to serve our international clients.
Once your order is completed, we will proceed to send the product/products to the facilities of third parties, where they will process your order and transport it to your final address.
Please note that this process does not involve additional costs or fees. 


We are committed and we make sure that your shopping experience’s very good. We offer the possibility of modifying or canceling your purchase up to twenty-four (24) hours after having made the purchase on our website.
We do not handle stock of our products, so each of the pieces is printed on demand.
Since we do not warehouse or hold inventory, we do not offer returns, credits, or exchange of our products once they are shipped.
In the event that the canvas arrives with a defect or even damaged by the shipping/delivery process, the customer will be asked to send three (3) to five (5) photos as proof, and the canvas will be replaced at no extra charge.