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CaffeinatedLions NFTs: When Digital Art and the Coffee World Come Together

In a groundbreaking partnership, Lions Milk Cafe and digital illustrator DesignGeo have joined forces to create CaffeinatedLions, an exclusive collection of 10,000 rare and unique NFTs. Lions Milk Cafe, known for its innovation in the world of coffee and art, has taken a step further by becoming the first cafe in the world to display NFTs. This collaboration brings together the world of digital art and physical space, offering a new and exciting experience for art enthusiasts and NFT collectors alike.

Lions Milk Cafe: The First NFT coffee in the world

What are CaffeinatedLions? Unique Lions and Lionesses PFPs NFTS

Unveiling CaffeinatedLions: CaffeinatedLions represents a magnificent collection of digital artworks that feature a large family of lions and lionesses in PFPs (Profile Picture) format. Each piece within this collection is meticulously crafted by DesignGeo, a renowned digital illustrator with a talent for bringing life and vibrancy to their creations.

CaffeinatedLions: Lions and Lionesses PFP NFTs

Benefits of Owning a CaffeinatedLion NFT

Unique Benefits of Owning a CaffeinatedLions NFT: Purchasing and owning a CaffeinatedLions NFT provides a host of exclusive benefits and utilities to the collectors. Here are some of the perks that come with owning a piece from this remarkable collection:


NFT owners will enjoy special discounts on Lions Milk Cafe products, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for art and coffee enthusiasts.

NFT Display on Cafe Screens

Lions Milk Cafe offers the opportunity for NFT owners to display their acquired pieces on the cafe's screens, creating a dynamic and ever-changing digital art experience within the physical space.

Collaboration Airdrops

Collaboration Airdrops: DesignGeo and Lions Milk Cafe have exciting plans for collaboration airdrops, allowing NFT owners to receive additional exclusive digital assets and rewards as the partnership evolves.

Access to accommodation

Exclusive Access to Lion's Milk Apartments: Visitors to Lion's Milk Cafe who own CaffeinatedLions NFTs will have privileged access to the apartments located above the cafe, providing an extraordinary experience when visiting New York City.

More benefits

DesignGeo and Lions Milk Cafe have hinted at additional surprises and benefits that will be revealed gradually, ensuring ongoing excitement and value for CaffeinatedLions NFT holders.

CaffeinatedLions NFTs Benefits

How to mint a Caffeinated Lion?

Probably by now you can't contain your eagerness to be part of this great family. The good news is that you still have time to make your mint and acquire your digital collectible piece. To do this, you should go to, click on "MINT NFT" in the top right corner, and connect the wallet you want to use to hold your NFT.

Once you have acquired your lioness or lion, you will automatically gain access to the series of benefits mentioned earlier.

You can also acquire an NFT in the secondary market, buying it on platforms such as OpenSea or LooksRare.

A collaboration that transformed Lions Milk into the world's first NFT cafe

By merging the digital art world with the physical realm, the collaboration between Lions Milk Cafe and DesignGeo transcends traditional boundaries, introducing NFTs to a wider audience while offering a new way to appreciate art in a unique setting. The integration of NFTs within Lions Milk Cafe showcases the cafe's commitment to embracing technological advancements and exploring innovative avenues for artistic expression.

CaffeinatedLions, the result of the collaboration between DesignGeo and Lions Milk Cafe, marks a significant milestone in the NFT and art world. This exclusive collection of 10,000 digital artworks not only provides collectors with rare and unique pieces but also grants them access to a variety of perks and benefits. With its pioneering approach as the first cafe to display NFTs, Lions Milk Cafe continues to redefine the boundaries of art and technology, promising an exciting future for the intersection of physical and digital art spaces.

Lions Milk Cafe Worlds First NFT Coffee Store

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