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Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall

You probably came to this article because you're unsure about how to decorate your walls with art. When it comes to deciding what kind of art to acquire to complement your spaces, a wide range of possibilities opens up, including colors, sizes, themes, and more. In this guide, I'll list a series of essential aspects and points you should consider to transform any corner of your home into your favorite place.

Art for Wall: The Definitive Guide

Understanding that the spaces you want to decorate will vary in terms of sizes, wall colors, and personal preferences, the purpose of each enumerated point is to provide you with the essentials to keep in mind when choosing your next piece of art, whether you decide to purchase it from my online store or not.

  1. Choosing Art for Your White Walls

First and foremost, you need to determine what artwork you're going to acquire. Some of the factors to analyze include the wall size, its color, the room's color, and your personal preferences.


Size is a variable that many overlook but is of utmost importance. If the wall you're decorating is large, opting for a small piece can cause it to get lost in all that space or go unnoticed. For this reason, once you have the dimensions of the chosen wall for hanging your artwork, you must decide whether you want a large piece or a combination of several smaller works that, when hung together, convey a different set of sensations.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall


The contrast between the artwork and the wall is an important aspect to consider. If you want the artwork to stand out and take center stage, you should look for pieces whose predominant color palette is complementary or opposite to the background colors or that differ from them to achieve prominence. In other cases, you might want the piece to blend somewhat into the background, and in these instances, you should search for wall art pieces whose background or predominant color is similar to or within the same range of tones as the wall colors.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall


The third and crucial point after considering size and colors is the theme. Each of us has personal tastes that set us apart from others. There's no general rule to follow here, so each person will have to make decisions for themselves. Remember that when you buy a canvas, rugs, posters, skateboards, or anything else to decorate your walls, it's something that won't be changing constantly. Finding harmony between the piece, the space, and your preferences is the key to making the right choice. Additionally, your mind will unconsciously perceive the artwork and its message every day. Take your time to choose the right piece.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall

  1. Themes and Styles

Both themes and styles will depend on the chosen piece for decoration.

Decorating your spaces with canvases involves selecting the appropriate style. You should choose a style that matches the décor of your home or office. If you have a modern and minimalist décor, you might opt for abstract designs with bright and vibrant colors. If your style is more traditional, you might prefer character designs or traditionally styled portraits.

Having a clear understanding of the theme you are looking for to decorate your walls can be very helpful when starting the search. In my online store, you will be able to find different categories depending on the theme: Abstract, Animals, Crypto, Geometric, Luxury, Money, Motivational, Skulls, among many others.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall

  1. Decorative Pieces

The variety of decorative pieces to transform your spaces is limitless. Below, you'll find a list of possibilities, many of which you might not have considered before:

Canvas Prints:

Canvas prints are the preferred decoration for most people. The advantages of canvas prints include print quality, vibrant colors, and durability.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall


Posters or paper prints garner similar interest to canvas prints. To preserve the piece, it's essential to frame it and protect it with glass to prevent fading and dust damage.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall


Skateboards are decorative pieces that have gained popularity rapidly recently, adding a touch of modernism to your spaces. It's often recommended to acquire a set of 2 or more skateboards to enhance the visual impact.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall


Using rugs or fabrics to decorate walls is an unexplored possibility. They are often used to decorate with textures, colors, and abstract shapes.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall

Decorative Wallpaper:

Decorative wallpaper is used to cover walls with drawings and textures and tends to have a greater impact on small spaces and walls.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall


The variety of sizes and shapes is as limitless as your imagination. Full-length, round, square, sets, or individual mirrors – mirrors are a timeless choice to add a different touch to your walls.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall


Professionally painting murals is another option for decorating your spaces. The advantage of this option is the impact of seeing the completed work on the walls. On the other hand, if you decide to change the design over time, you'll need to repaint the entire wall, unlike a canvas or poster that can be easily changed by simply taking it down, resulting in a quicker change and lower cost.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall


Hanging plates, boxes, sculptures, or other types of objects is an unconventional but attractive option. Having the assistance of an interior designer can be very useful in achieving a good result and harmony between the chosen pieces and the rest of the décor.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall


Last but not least are digital screens. One of the fastest-growing trends recently due to the ability to change the design quickly and at no cost. This is a non-traditional option but it's gaining more followers day by day, especially after the boom generated by the NFT market. It's definitely a new form of decoration that has come to stay.

Transform Your Spaces: Wall Decor Ideas For Every Wall

In conclusion, I understand that there are several topics, and you might feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of aspects to consider when decorating your space. At first, it might seem like an easy task, but when you realize the significance and the impact on your mood of the colors and decorative elements surrounding you, your choices become more important. Taking the necessary time to analyze possibilities before making a purchase is crucial, so I can't help but invite you to explore the exclusive canvas prints section on my website. There, you can find and purchase exclusive limited-edition paintings covering various themes: exotic animals, motorsports, cryptocurrencies, characters, consumer goods, and motivational art.

That's the extent of my recommendations. I hope this guide helps you get a bit more direction in your search and decision-making process!

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